The Greater Norwich Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of Stage for independent examination on 30 July 2021.

Planning inspectors

Mike Worden BA (Hons) Dip TP MRTPI and Thomas Hatfield BA (Hons) MA MRTPI have been appointed to hold an independent examination of the Greater Norwich Local Plan.  The role of the Inspectors is to carry out an independent assessment of the overall soundness of the Local Plan and that it satisfies the statutory requirements for its preparation.

Programme officer

Mrs. Annette Feeney has been appointed as independent Programme Officer.  She will deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters. The Programme Officer is independent from the Greater Norwich Development Partnership and reports directly to the Planning Inspectors conducting the Greater Norwich Local Plan Examination.  All correspondence or queries relating to the Greater Norwich Local Plan Examination should be directed to the Programme Officer using the contact details below.

Email:  Tel:  07775 771026. 

Postal Address:  Mrs. Annette Feeney, Programme Officer, c/o Greater Norwich Local Plan Team, City Hall, St Peter's Street, Norwich NR2 1NH

Examination document library

The Examination document library includes all the supporting evidence and documentation relating to the Local Plan.