Latest News

24 November 2021

An updated Partnership Response to the Inspectors Initial Questions and associated documents have been added to section D1 of the Document Library.  The response has been amended to ensure that all documents mentioned have reference numbers and are included in the Document Library as requested by the Inspectors.  The response also includes an update to Questions 21 and 22 - the East Norwich Strategic Regeneration Area.

Updated appendices to Topic Paper 1 - The Growth Strategy (Documents D3.2B and D3.2C) have also been added to section D3 of the Document Library in relation to the updated response to Question 13.


17 November 2021

Statements of Common Ground (SoCG) on representations to the GNLP have been added to section D4 of the Document Library.

Site Allocation Statements of Common Ground/Delivery Statements have been added to section D2 of the Document Library.


8 November 2021

The Partnership response to the Inspectors' Initial Questions has been added to section D1 of the Document Library


29 October 2021

The final Duty to Cooperate Statement (Document A9.1) has been added to Section A of the Document Library


27 October 2021

Timescale for Responding to the Examination Initial Questions document has been added to section D1 of the Document Library.


21 October 2021

The councils have now received the Inspectors’ Initial Questions.  The councils’ response to these questions will be published in due course.

The councils have also added a number of Topic Papers to the Document Library.