Policy GNLP0133C: Land north of Cow Drive (the Blackdale Building, adjoining Hickling House and Barton House, University of East Anglia)


The former Blackdale school site lies between Blackdale Plantation and Bluebell road and is 0.89ha in size.


The site was allocated in the previous local plan (R40) on a larger boundary and benefits from a partly implemented planning permission for a 915-bed student accommodation development; the first 514-bed phase of which (Hickling House and Barton House) is complete. Should the second consented phase not proceed, development of a similar scale and form is appropriate in this location.  The woodland setting and existing landscape features should be retained and enhanced where appropriate. This includes Blackdale Plantation, the specimen trees occurring within the grounds, the boundary hedgerows and Cow Drive. Any changes to these areas will need to be informed by an arboriculture and landscape assessment. The consented second phase of the scheme is already included within the housing commitment calculation.  The site is likely to accommodate around 400 student bedrooms, (equivalent to 160 homes).

Policy GNLP0133C

Land north of Cow Drive (the Blackdale Building, adjoining Hickling House and Barton House, University of East Anglia, 0.89 hectare) is allocated for student accommodation development which may include a small element of ancillary university related uses. The site is expected to accommodate a minimum of 400 student bedrooms.

The development will achieve the following site-specific requirements:

  1. Achievement of a high quality, locally distinctive, energy efficient design whose form and massing takes account of its location on the fringe of the campus, complements and integrates with existing adjoining development and respects the design and heritage significance of the main part of the campus.
  2. High quality landscaping, planting and biodiversity enhancements to reduce the impact of built development, providing for the retention and enhancement of existing landscape features and the protection, enhancement and management of and public access to the adjacent Blackdale Plantation;
  3. Linking development to the university district heating network, where feasible and viable to do or providing alternative on site facilities where these are considered to minimise impacts which might arise from connection to the national grid.
  4. Access arrangements to the site will be in accordance with the approved planning permission, unless otherwise agreed with the Local Planning Authority in consultation with the Local Highway Authority.

Policy Map

Policy Map for GNLP0133C