Policy GNLP0133DR: Land between Suffolk Walk and Bluebell Road


The 3.96ha site lies in the south of the existing University of East Anglia (UEA) campus and west of Bluebell Road.  Part of this site (reference R41) is identified in the adopted Norwich Site Allocations and Site-Specific Policies Local Plan as a strategic reserve to accommodate the anticipated future expansion of the University. 


The policy seeks to enable expansion of the university, whilst conserving the landscape and architectural significance of the UEA and promoting public access to open spaces. Therefore it is essential that development of the site minimises impact on the river valley and enhances the setting of the listed buildings at the university. Consideration of the original Lasdun plan for a ‘Village on the hill’ will be important, as will design taking full account of other buildings of visual importance to the southern view of ‘The Prospect’, including the School of Music and Suffolk Walk. Intrusion into the valley should be limited to protect the valley’s appearance and use.


The sloping topography of the site presents an opportunity for the use of innovative, sustainable design to minimise the visual impact and maximise environmental performance, including linking the new development to the campus wide district heating network. Development should provide enhanced biodiversity links to the Broad and river.


Public access to the University Broad from Bluebell Road, including cycle routes, must be retained and enhanced. Since the proposal involves the loss of existing open space, any development must include the opening up of new areas for public access as compensation for this loss.  Transport impacts assessment will be required and as well as a review of the campus travel plan.


The potential development area now identified, provides an opportunity to complete the southern part of the Campus. The emerging revised DFS considers that this development area has capacity to take a significant proportion of the demand for new university related floorspace and additional student accommodation over the plan period.

Policy GNLP0133-DR

Land between Suffolk Walk and Bluebell Road, (3.96 hectares) is allocated for university related development for both academic and non-academic uses.

The development will achieve the following site-specific requirements:

  1. Achievement of a high quality, locally distinctive, energy efficient design whose form and massing takes account of and respects its location and will form a logical, coherent, integrated and coordinated extension on the fringe of the campus.
  2. Development should take account of its sensitive location adjoining the University Broad, protect the visual setting of the south elevations of “The Prospect” and respect the heritage significance and setting of the listed buildings within the campus, including the grade II* Sainsbury Centre and Norfolk and Suffolk Terraces Grade II listed Lasdun Teaching Wall and Library and locally identified Crescent Wing of the Sainsbury Centre, Suffolk Walk, School of Music, Drama studio and Nelson Court; balanced against having regard to Lasdun’s original architectural vision which must be a material consideration in its design.
  3. High quality landscaping, planting and biodiversity enhancements to reduce the impact of built development, providing for the retention and enhancement of existing landscape features and improved public access to the University Broad and to local green space in the Yare Valley from this part of the campus; establishment and improvement of pedestrian and cycle routes across the site to connect with the existing cycle network
  4. Access arrangements to the site to be informed by a transport assessment and updated travel plan.  No vehicular access from Bluebell Road, access to be via existing university site only with access only for service vehicles and managed pick-up / drop-off for students for any residences provided.
  5. Existing foul and surface water sewers on site to be considered as part of the site layout.
  6. Linking development to the university district heating network, where feasible and viable to do so or providing alternative on site facilities where these are considered to minimise impacts which might arise from connection to the national grid.
  7. Norfolk Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Policy CS16 applies, as this site is underlain by safeguarded minerals resources.  The benefits of extracting the minerals, if feasible, will be taken into consideration.

Policy Map

Policy Map for GNLP0133DR