Policy GNLP0354R: Land at Johnson's Farm, Wymondham


This site is located to the south-west of the town with vehicular access proposed from London Road. Pedestrian access improvements are required to aid connectivity back to the town centre via Preston Avenue. Landscape and green infrastructure enhancements are a key priority too, particularly given the Grade I listed Wymondham Abbey and also Grade I listed Cavick House to the north.

Policy GNLP0354R

Land at Johnson's Farm, Wymondham (approx. 5.39 ha) is allocated for residential development. The site is likely to accommodate approximately 100 homes.

The development will address all the following specific matters:

  1. Submission of a masterplan and transport assessment with implementation of agreed measures.
  2. Vehicular access via London Road with a minimum 5.0 metre carriageway width, and 2.0 metre footway provision across the site frontage.
  3. Provision of a 2.0 metre wide pedestrian/cycle access via Preston Avenue.
  4. Mitigation of the impact of development on the Conservation Area and listed buildings to the north of the site.
  5. The trees and hedgerows bordering the site will be protected, enhanced and incorporated into the scheme, acknowledging that an access to Abbey Road or Preston Avenue will be required.
  6. Mitigation of the amenity impacts of the development on the existing dwellings to the east of the site.

Policy Map

GNLP0354R Policy Map