Wymondham is classified as a Main Town under policy 7.2.  The town is the largest settlement in South Norfolk with an estimated population at mid-2019 of 17,325 people (this includes the area now forming the separate parish of Spooner Row).


The town has a wide range of services and facilities, including primary and secondary schools, GP surgeries, leisure centre, library, extensive outdoor recreation facilities, as well as a variety of commercial and employment opportunities.  Reflecting this, the town has received the largest allocation in South Norfolk in the Joint Core Strategy (2014), of at least 2,200 new homes.  Many of these homes have been, or are in the process of being, delivered.  Reflecting the need to balance growth with protecting the historic character of Wymondham and the sensitive landscape setting, current growth is allocated in Wymondham Area Action Plan (WAAP, October 2015), which sets out a Vision for the town.

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Wymondham is strategically well placed for development, being on the Cambridge/Norwich Tech Corridor, which follows the route of the A11 and the Norwich/Cambridge rail line.  However, only a relatively small level of new growth is proposed in Wymondham due to the scale of recent development and the existing commitment.


The town has a long and rich history. The Abbey was founded in 1107, and the 17th Century Market Cross remains the focal point of the town. Within the town itself there are over 200 listed buildings and the quality of the built environment helps support the continued success of retail and business activity in Wymondham. Wymondham continued to grow during the 20th century, particularly with development to the north, as shown by various residential areas accessed from the B1135 Tutttles Lane West.


During the 1990s and 21st century, development continued: north-east of Tuttles Lane East (either side of Norwich Road towards Hethersett); east of Harts Farm Road off the B1172; and, at the south of the town, east of Silfield Road. Recent allocations in the 2015 Area Action Plan have focussed on rebalancing development to the south of the town, between the Norwich/Cambridge rail line and the A11 bypass, and around the station, which also give good access to the town centre.


On the edge of town, the Gateway 11 Business Park is well-established, and the town also has good access to high quality employment opportunities at Norwich Research Park and Lotus/Hethel Engineering Centre.  Additional employment allocations were made in the WAAP, predominantly either side of Browick Road.


To the west of the town the River Tiffey Valley remains a largely intact rural landscape. Likewise, to the south-west, undeveloped views remain of the Abbey from a considerable distance. Despite substantial development pressure in the A11 corridor, planning policies have helped protect the separate identities of Wymondham and the nearby settlements of Hethersett and Spooner Row.  The requirements of the AAP also seek significant elements of green infrastructure to support the level of development allocated to the town.


The new allocations in this plan should be read in the context of the extant Wymondham Area Action Plan (or any successor document). All new and carried forward allocations are expected to address standard requirements associated with development. These vary from place to place but are likely to include mitigations for flood risk (as well as SUDs), highways improvements, safeguarding of minerals resources, land remediation, measures to protect the environment, biodiversity, and landscape intrusion.  A Neighbourhood Plan area was submitted in March 2020.


There are two new sites allocated in Wymondham providing for 150 new homes. There are no carried forward allocations but a total of 2,465 additional dwellings with planning permission and existing Area Action Plan sites (consisting of 617 homes completed April 2018 to March 2020, 1828 units with extant planning permission at 1 April 2020, and 20 units on Area Action Plan site WYM1). This gives a total deliverable housing commitment for Wymondham of 2,615 homes between 2018-2038.

Settlement Map

Wymondham Settlement Map