Policy GNLP0282: Land at Constitution Motors, 140-142 Constitution Hill


This 0.27ha site is currently vacant, most recently occupied by a vehicle garage & showroom. It is bounded to the West by Constitution Hill, close to the junction with Wall Road to the north, by school playing fields to the east and residential development to the south.  The site is well located to school provision and local convenience stores. The site is expected to accommodate approximately 12 homes. A mix of dwelling sizes would be appropriate. The site lies within a Critical Drainage Catchment. Therefore development proposals involving new buildings, extensions and additional areas of hard surfacing should ensure that adequate and appropriate consideration has been given to mitigating surface water flooding.


The site has extant outline planning permission for residential development broadly, in accordance with the allocation.

Policy GNLP0282

Land at Constitution Motors, 140-142 Constitution Hill (approx. 0.27 ha) is allocated for residential development. This will provide a minimum of 12 homes.

The development will achieve the following site-specific requirements:

  1. Achievement of a high quality, locally distinctive and energy efficient design of a scale and form which is in keeping with local character, respects and enhances the heritage significance of the adjoining locally listed former public house and preserves the trees on the eastern boundary and open setting of the playing fields to the rear.
  2. High quality landscaping, planting and biodiversity enhancements including the provision of new trees and enhancing the green frontage to Constitution Hill.
  3. Addressing and remediating potential contamination from previous motor trade uses;
  4. Low-car development in accordance with policy 2 is appropriate in this location as it is on a high frequency bus route.

Policy Map

Policy Map for GNLP0282