Utilities site


The site was allocated in the previous Local Plan but has not yet been developed. Previous proposals were founded on the expectation of delivering a renewable power generation facility as an integral part of the development and although this option is not being actively pursued there is scope for local energy generation serving the wider area which is reflected in policy 7.1.


The principle of development on the site has already been accepted and it is expected that development will take place within the time-period of this Local Plan.


The Utilities site is split between Norwich City and the Broads Authority Executive Area for planning purposes: the land immediately to the east of site R10 between the River Yare and the railway line falls within the planning jurisdiction of the Broads Authority. Policy NOR1 of the adopted Broads Local Plan 2019 (or successor document) provides for mixed use development of this adjoining land potentially providing up to 120 homes in addition to the housing potential of the site allocated within this plan. Development proposals will need to incorporate both areas and are required to comply with the site-specific policies of both local planning authorities.