October 2023
Early 2024 to be confirmed as the examination is ongoing

Policy 7.6 New Settlements

MM18 - Policy 7.6

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Delete Policy 7.6 and supporting text paragraphs 395 - 401:

Policy 7.6 Preparing for New Settlements

395. This local plan identifies enough sustainable sites and locations within and on the edge of existing settlements to meet current needs. Consequently, no new settlement is proposed for allocation in this Local Plan. However, with sustainable options for settlement extensions diminishing, the authorities are convinced that one or more new settlements will be required in the longer term, particularly if housing needs rise as signalled by government.

396. Ensuring a new settlement and its supporting infrastructure is properly planned, designed and resourced takes time. Site promoters also need the confidence to invest in evidence and master-planning. The authorities therefore conclude that it is vital to commit in this Local Plan cycle to delivering new settlements in the next plan cycle.

397. While the intention is to allocate new settlement development through the next plan, delivery will commence prior to the end date of this local plan. Consequently, new settlement development will provide additional flexibility to ensure delivery of current housing targets.

398. The location and design of any new settlement or settlements for Greater Norwich will need to ensure that they are excellent places to live, built to Garden City principles, and provide housing across all types of need. They will need to be well-connected and deliverable, with sustainable access to a range of jobs and services. They will need to promote our local economic strengths, enhance the environment and promote healthy and active lifestyles.

399. To achieve all of this, proposals for any new settlement will need to ensure that a significant proportion of any uplift in land value from current use is captured to fund the infrastructure to support the new community. It will be essential that the legal framework for this is agreed with councils at an early stage in the promotion of any new settlement.

400. Three new settlement sites have been proposed through the GNLP (at Honingham Thorpe, Hethel and Silfield). These will be investigated along with other potential locations in the next plan, taking account of selected criteria. In order to shorten the lead in time for delivery and provide the level of certainty for investment that would allow one or more schemes to be incorporated in the new plan, comprehensive analysis of options will begin in 2021.

401. The timetable for this work, which provides a broad indication of the authorities' intentions and may be varied to take account of changes to the planning system, is:
· 2021 developing success criteria, site options assessment including technical consultation;
· 2022 following adoption of the GNLP, public consultation on site options;
· 2022-24 development of new Local Plan incorporating preferred site(s);
· 2026 onwards - delivery.



Subject to the outcome of evidence, assessment and appraisal, one or more new settlements will be brought forward in the next Local Plan.

Consequential changes:

Delete supporting paragraph 165.

Delete supporting text paragraph 187 and replace with three new paragraphs of text:

187. A significant element of any further growth required in the next plan under the new planning system will be at a new settlement or settlements (see policy 7.6)

187. National policy requires reviews of local plans to be completed no later than five years from their adoption, meaning that a rolling programme of plan making takes place. It currently seems likely that there will be a need to plan for further growth through the next local plan.

187a. This plan identifies enough sustainable sites within and on the edge of settlements to meet currently assessed need for the plan period. A review of the local plan will need to assess options for longer term growth, including the potential for sustainable new settlement or settlements.

187b A new settlement approach was considered in preparing this local plan but was rejected by the Partnership as being premature. The detailed exploratory work to consider options for a new settlement or settlements is intended to begin on adoption of this plan and will involve discussions with Government, agencies and partners along with public participation to inform the preparation of the next local plan.


Delete policy following discussion at the hearing sessions as it is not justified