Easton and Honingham


Easton is identified as an urban fringe settlement in policy 7.1.  There is a major growth allocation, with outline planning permission for development of 893 homes on land to the east, south and west of the village.  Proposals include an extended primary school, a new village hall, a small retail store and areas of public open space.  Around Easton, defining features are the Royal Norfolk Showground to the east of the village (within Costessey parish), the A47 Southern Bypass that runs to the north of the main built up area, and Easton College to the south. The high-quality sports facilities at the College are conveniently accessible for Easton residents, as are the employment opportunities, retail and leisure facilities at Longwater. 


The Easton Neighbourhood Plan was made in December 2017 and covers the period to 2042.  It contains a series of policies that look to shape development within the neighbourhood area.  There are policies within the plan that will be of relevance to development and any applications that are submitted for development within the parish should have due regard to those policies.


Honingham is a small village immediately south of the A47 Southern Bypass in the Broadland district with no settlement limit with very limited services.  The River Tud flows through the Village and consequently some areas are at fluvial and surface water flood risk.  The majority of Honingham parish is rural, but the designation of a Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ) for businesses focused upon food processing and production should be noted.  Currently 19 hectares of the FEZ, with a net developable area of approximately 16.5 hectares, benefits from Local Development Order (LDO) status promoting commercial development land on this site in units of varying scale.


There is one carried forward housing allocation at Easton totalling 1,044 homes.  In addition, there are two additional dwelling with planning permission.  This gives a total deliverable housing commitment for Easton and Honingham together of 1,046 homes between 2018 – 2038.


All Site Allocations are expected to address standard requirements associated with development.  These vary from place to place, but are likely to include mitigations for flood risk (as well as SUDs), highways improvements, safeguarding of minerals resources, land remediation, measures to protect the environment, biodiversity, and landscape intrusion.

Settlement Map

Easton Settlement Map