Policy GNLP0608R: Land at Bridge Farm Field, St Faiths Close, Great Witchingham


The site at Bridge Field Farm, St Faiths Close is allocated for residential development subject to the promoter being able to demonstrate that vehicular access is achievable as there appears to be a ransom strip between the offered land and the highway. 


This site is underlain by sand and gravel so Norfolk Minerals and Waste Core Strategy policy CS16 would apply if the site size is increased above 1 hectare.

Policy GNLP0608R

Land at Bridge Farm Field, St Faiths Close, Great Witchingham, 0.72ha is allocated for residential development.  The site is likely to accommodate  approximately 20 homes.

More homes may be accommodated, subject to an acceptable design and layout, as well as infrastructure constraints.

The development will be expected to address the following specific matters:

  1. Access will be from St Faiths Close onto the A1067. 
  2. Trees to the north of the site should be retained where possible.
  3. Any development must conserve and enhance the significance of the grade II listed Bridge House to the east of the site, including any contribution made to that significance by setting.
  4. There are small areas of surface water flood risk in southern section which may need to be addressed.

Policy Map

GNLP0608R Policy  Map