Poringland, Framingham Earl and Framingham Pigot (including well-related parts of Bixley, Caistor St Edmund and Stoke Holy Cross)


Poringland/Framingham Earl is identified as a key service centre under policy 7.3.  The village has a range of services including a post office, supermarket, other stores, pubs, restaurants/take-aways, two doctors’ surgeries, a dentist, a primary school, a high school, two community halls, as well as recreation facilities at the high school and some local employment.  The settlement is well connected to Norwich by bus.


A substantial amount of land continues to be promoted for development in Poringland/Framingham Earl (including land in adjacent parishes of Bixley, Caistor St Edmund, Framingham Pigot, Framingham Earl, and Stoke Holy Cross).  Issues taken into account when assessing the potential for future development include the rural nature of large parts of the parishes, with the distinctive setting created by areas of heavily wooded former parkland.  The 2012 South Norfolk Place Making Guide suggests that development should not further accentuate the linear settlement pattern.  The settlement has a history of surface water and ground water drainage difficulties, and the most vulnerable sites were identified in an Urban Drainage Study.  This issue will be a consideration for many sites in Poringland and Framingham Earl, and mitigation will be needed for any development on such sites.  A Neighbourhood Plan is currently being prepared for Poringland parish and is at an advanced stage.


There are currently no new allocations proposed and no residential allocations to be carried forward in this key service centre.  There are however 547 dwellings with planning permission on other sites and one carried forward employment allocation. High amounts of existing commitments limit the potential for additional housing.  


All new and carried forward allocations are expected to address standard requirements associated with development. These vary from place to place but are likely to include mitigations for flood risk (as well as SUDs), highways improvements, safeguarding of minerals resources, land remediation, measures to protect the environment, biodiversity, and landscape intrusion.

Settlement Map

Poringland Settlement Map