Hethersett is identified as a key service centre under policy 7.3. There are existing allocations and planning permissions in place for development across the north of the village.


In terms of education facilities, proposals are underway to have two primary schools (one at Queen’s Road and the other on Coachmakers Way); and, to expand the site of the secondary school.  This will add to the good range of facilities already available in Hethersett.  These include: convenience shops, a post office, a pharmacy, doctor and dentist surgeries, a library and a small business centre, mostly in the vicinity of Queen’s Road/Great Melton Road.  More generally in terms of the built form, the old A11 (B1172 Norwich Road) still largely defines the settlement’s built edge to the south.  To the east and west of Hethersett land is controlled by a long-standing strategic gap policy to prevent coalescence with Cringleford to the east and Wymondham to the west.


There are no new allocations proposed in this key service centre.  There is one carried forward residential allocation for a total of 1369 homes (including 200 uplift). Work on this site commenced preceded the base date of the GNLP with 104 homes being delivered prior to 2018. 235 homes were delivered 2018-20, there is extant consent for a further 830 homes on this site (1,265 homes are counted in this plan for this site).


48 homes were delivered on other sites in Hethersett in 2018-20. There are currently 22 additional dwellings with planning permission on small sites.  There are also carried forward allocations for extra care housing (40 units) and open space  This gives a total deliverable housing commitment for the centre of 1,375 homes between 2018 – 2038.


All new and carried forward allocations are expected to address standard requirements associated with development. These vary from place to place, but are likely to include mitigations for flood risk (as well as SUDs), highways improvements, safeguarding of minerals resources, land remediation, measures to protect the environment, biodiversity, and landscape intrusion.

Settlement Map

Hethersett Settlement Map