Policy BAW 2: Bawburgh and Colney Lakes


This site was allocated in the 2015 South Norfolk Local Plan but has not yet been developed.  The principle of development on the site has already been accepted and it is expected that development will take place within the time-period of this local plan to 2038. 

Policy BAW2

Bawburgh and Colney Lakes (approx. 73.5ha) is allocated for a water-based country park.

The development will be expected to address the following specific matters:

  1. Public access to be provided;
  2. Footpath and cycle link with access for major residential developments at various points of entry to be agreed with the local Highways Authority;
  3. A conservation management plan should be delivered to protect species and agreed prior to the commencement of development with zoned access to protect some areas from damage and disturbance.  Proposals will need to ensure that the ecological value of the County Wildlife site is retained and enhanced in areas to be opened up to the public.

Policy Map

BAW2 Policy Map