Policy R42: Land west of Bluebell Road, and north of Daisy Hill Court/Coralle Court, Westfield View


The site was allocated in the previous Local Plan and has been partially developed with 62 retirement apartments (20 of them affordable) and 58 supported care units. 50 units (app.ref: 19/00911/F) have recently been recommended for approval by Planning Committee, subject to the completion of a satisfactory legal agreement for phase 2 (1.6ha of the proposed 3.44ha allocation) The principle of development on the remaining phases of the site has already been accepted through the previous local plan allocation which secures public recreational use and long-term maintenance and management of the open space immediately to the north. It is expected that development will take place within the new local plan time-period up to 2038. The site is re-allocated for residential development for older people. As an existing allocation it has been considered in the calculation of the housing requirement.


The site is likely to accommodate approximately 100 homes. More may be accommodated, subject to an acceptable design and layout etc. being achieved.

Policy R42

Land west of Bluebell Road, and north of Daisy Hill Court/Coralle Court, Westfield View, Norwich, (approx. 3.40ha) is allocated for residential development for older people (over 55s). This will accommodate approximately 100 homes and/or elderly care accommodation planned as an extension to the existing development.

The development will achieve the following site-specific requirements:

  1. Achievement of a high quality, locally distinctive design which reflects the sensitive and prominent location of the site in the Yare Valley and the adjoining Eaton Conservation Area;
  2. Development should minimise impact on the landscape of the Yare Valley and important views from and into the site;
  3. Development should deliver improvements to the strategic Yare Valley green infrastructure corridor, securing provision for 17.5 hectares of public open space on land adjoining the site and arrangements for its management and maintenance in perpetuity which will be provided for in the approved masterplan and planning obligations secured through legal agreement as part of the consented development. The public open space will provide improved pedestrian/cycle access to and within the valley, including improvements to the Yare Valley Walk;
  4. Protect and enhance environmental assets within and adjacent to the site, including the retention of tree belts;
  5. All dwellings should be built to the ‘M4(2) Accessible and Adaptable Standard Homes’ standard, of which a proportion should be built to M4(3) standard (fully wheelchair accessible).

Policy Map

R42 Policy Map