Regulation 19 Publication information (not part of the plan)

What is this document?

This section for information only and is not part of the Publication draft plan

This is the Publication draft version of the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP), also called the Regulation 19 Pre-submission Draft Plan. It is the councils’ chosen plan.

Consultation has informed the content of the plan. As a result, at this stage comments should be limited to matters of soundness and legal compliance. These comments will be provided to the Government appointed Planning Inspector when the plan is submitted for examination and will help to inform the content of the examination of the plan. Advice on what soundness matters are can be found in the National Planning Policy Framework1.

There are two parts to the Publication draft of the GNLP:

  1. The first is this Publication draft GNLP Strategy. It contains the planning strategy for growth in Greater Norwich from 2018 to 2038.
  2. The second is the Publication draft GNLP Sites document. It has planning allocation policies for the sites to deliver the strategy2.

The plan documents are supported by a Sustainability Appraisal which evaluates the draft plan and other evidence which is also available for comment on soundness and legal compliance.

The GNLP stages

The table below sets out the timetable for the GNLP, highlighting the current stage.

Stage Dates
Call for Sites May to July 2016
Regulation 18 Preparation Stage
Stage A - Growth Options and Site Proposals Consultation January to March 2018
Stage B - New, Revised and Small Sites consultation October to December 2018
Stage C - Regulation 18 Draft Plan consultation  January - March 2020
Publication 19 Publication Stage - current stage
Pre-Submission Draft Plan for representation on soundness and legal compliance February - March 2021
Regulations 22 to 26 Submission, Examination and Adoption Stages
Submission of GNLP to the Secretary of State July 2021
Public Examination November/December 2021
Adoption of the Greater Norwich Local Plan September 2022

To get to this stage, in early 2018 we consulted on options for the broad planning strategy for the area, along with more than 600 sites suggested for allocation by site owners or agents. A second consultation on more than 200 additional suggested sites followed in late 2018. The draft plan with our preferred strategy and sites, along with reasonable alternatives, was consulted on in early 2020.

How you can make comments

There are two ways you can make comments on this plan – by submitting them online, or in writing. Ideally, please submit your comments to us online at However, written responses can also be made on a response form, which you can request by phoning us on 01603 306603, emailing or downloading the form from the downloadable documents tab. We will submit all comments to the Planning Inspectorate with the plan in July 2021.

Please note that comments must be sent to us between 09.00 on 1st February and 17.00 (5 p.m.) on 22 March 2021.

Please also note that comments will be available publicly.

1Available here. See paragraph 35.
2The two parts of the plan meet the requirements of Regulation 19 of the Town and Country (Local Planning) Regulations 2012 (as amended) for plan making.