Policy 7 - Strategy for the areas of growth



Policies 7.1 to 7.4 provide details of the distribution of growth set out in policy 1, along with location specific strategic policies for the different areas of growth within Greater Norwich. The policies for these areas follow the settlement hierarchy:

  • 7.1       The Norwich urban area including the fringe parishes;
  • 7.2       The Main towns;
  • 7.3       The Key service centres;
  • 7.4       Village clusters.


Policy 7.5 provides for small scale windfall development of up to 3 to 5 dwellings per parish during the plan period.


Policy 7.6 prepares the way for a new settlement or settlements. These will provide an important element of the next local plan and will start to deliver high quality homes and jobs before the end of this plan’s timescales.


The GNLP Sites Plan provides individual allocations to implement the strategy with the exception of allocations in village clusters in South Norfolk which will be in a separate plan.