The plan’s objectives


The wide-ranging vision for Greater Norwich above has helped us to establish the plan’s objectives below. Together, the vision and objectives provide the context for the policies and monitoring indicators in this plan.


To support and promote clean growth and progress towards a post-carbon economy through the expansion of internationally important knowledge-based industries in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor as part of a wider entrepreneurial, enterprising, creative and broad-based economy with high productivity and a skilled workforce.


To grow vibrant, healthy communities giving people a high quality of life in well-designed developments with good access to jobs, services and facilities, helping to close the gap between life chances in disadvantaged and other communities.


To enable delivery of high-quality homes of the right density, size, mix and tenure to meet people’s needs throughout their lives and to make efficient use of land.


To promote the timely delivery of infrastructure to support existing communities, growth and modal shift in transport use; and to improve connectivity to allow access to economic and social opportunities.


To promote the delivery of housing, jobs and infrastructure to meet identified needs, supported by intervention mechanisms where the market is unable to deliver. 


To protect and enhance the built, natural and historic environments, make best use of natural resources, and to significantly reduce emissions to ensure that Greater Norwich is adapted to climate change and plays a full part in meeting national commitments to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.