High quality new homes will be built to meet the growing and changing needs of Greater Norwich. There will be a variety of type, tenure and sizes of homes in the mixed and inclusive communities, catering for the needs of all as they change over time and providing both market and affordable homes to meet different needs in our urban and rural areas.


Our plan envisages delivering the right number of homes to meet a variety of housing needs for those living and working in Greater Norwich. These include the rising ageing population, families and younger people, single occupants and those looking to share a home with others. The needs of groups in our community such as Gypsies and Travellers, Travelling Show People and those who live in residential caravans will be provided for in accessible locations. 


We plan to concentrate the building of new homes in and around Norwich and in the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor. In Norwich city centre and other highly accessible and sustainable locations, higher density homes including flats will be built, providing particularly for the needs of younger people and including purpose-built student accommodation, whilst also meeting the needs of other members of our community. This will have helped to create lively and vibrant city and district centres, enabling people to access services and jobs easily and to travel sustainably.


Our suburbs, market towns and villages will also be vibrant places to live with good access to services and facilities, supported by new housing and jobs and changing technologies. Homes here will be built at appropriate densities to respect and enhance local character and to meet the needs of all in mixed communities.


New homes will be large enough to provide a good quality of life, with adaptable homes built to meet the varied and changing needs of our communities. Many homes across Greater Norwich will also be self and custom-built, along with live-work units.