A. Core submission documents

Reference  Document Date Author
A1 December 2020     GNLP

High Resolution: 

Low Resolution:

December 2020     GNLP
A3 June 2021     GNLP
A4 June 2021     GNLP
A5 June 2021     GNLP
A6.1 January 2021     Lepus Consulting
A6.2 January 2021     Lepus Consulting
A6.3 January 2021     Lepus Consulting
A6.4 January 2021     Lepus Consulting
A6.5 September 2021     Lepus Consulting

The Inspectors’ Initial Question 7 asked for an addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal to be produced, relating to the housing growth numbers, and addressing “both smaller and minimal supply buffers as ‘reasonable alternatives”.  This addendum has now been produced and has been added to Section D1 of the Document Library (Document D1.6).

  See Section F, document F1.4, for Note in response to Inspectors' questions relating to the Sustainability Appraisal of reasonable alternative sites: Addendum t the Regulation 19 SA/SEA report.    
A7 July 2021     The Landscape Partnership


Statement of Consultation

A8.1 June 2021     GNLP
A8.2 June 2021     GNLP
A8.3 June 2021     GNLP
A8.4 June 2021     GNLP
A8.5 June 2021 GNLP
A8.6 June 2021 GNLP
A8.7 June 2021 GNLP
A8.8 June 2021 GNLP
A8.9 June 2021 GNLP
A8.10 June 2021 GNLP
A8.11 June 2021 GNLP
A8.12 June 2021 GNLP
A8.13 June 2021 GNLP
A8.14 June 2021 GNLP
A8.15 June 2021 GNLP
A8.16 June 2021 GNLP
A8.17 June 2021 GNLP
A8.18 June 2021 GNLP
A8.19 June 2021 GNLP
A8.20 June 2021 GNLP
A8.21 June 2021 GNLP
A9 July 2021     GNLP
A9.1 October 2021 GNLP
A10 December 2020     GNLP
A11 July 2021     GNLP
A12 July 2021     GNLP
A13 July 2021     GNLP
A14 July 2021     GNLP
A15 December 2020     Broadland District Council
A16 December 2020     South Norfolk Council
A17 February 2019     Norwich City Council
A18.1 February 2019     Broadland District Council
A18.2 July 2020     Broadland District Council
A19 September 2020 Norwich City Council
A20.1 September 2020 South Norfolk Council
A20.2 July 2020     South Norfolk Council