Frettenham is not clustered with other settlements under policy 7.4, as the school catchment does not extend to adjoining villages.  The school currently has capacity, but the site is landlocked making further expansion difficult.  As well as the primary school, services include a peak hour bus service to and from higher order settlements.


Whilst it is considered the cluster could accommodate development of 50-60 additional homes, there are no allocations proposed and no allocations to be carried forward in this cluster.  There are however 3 dwellings with planning permission on small sites.  No new allocations are proposed but further development is not ruled out.  The Village Clusters policy 7.4 and Small Scale Windfall Housing Development policy 7.5 both allow for an amount of growth in each village cluster that reflects primary school capacity   See settlement map for the extent of existing settlement limits.

Settlement Map

Frettenham Policy Map