Responding to this Consultation

24. There are consultation questions for the favoured sites, and reasonable alternative site, as well as the opportunity to comment on the non-inclusion of unreasonable sites. These will allow respondents to express their support or objections and to give comments. The submitted opinions and comments will be published on the GNLP website and will be used in assessing which sites are progressed as allocations.

25. Ideally, consultation responses should be submitted online at However, written responses can also be made on a response form that can be requested by telephoning 01603 306603, emailing or downloading from

26. The following supporting documents provide site by site analysis. They are intended to assist respondents in commenting on issues such as access to local facilities, landscape impact and ecological impact so that the best sites are chosen, and they are built out in the best possible way:

27. Please follow the links above to comment on these supporting documents.