GNDP Board

To oversee the preparation of the new Local Plan the authorities involved have re-established their joint working arrangements under the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP).

The Terms of Reference for the Partnership can be found below:
Greater Norwich Development Partnership - Terms of Reference (Jan 2017) Size: 115 KB – Date: 22/03/2017

Questions from the Public

The public may submit questions to the GNDP Board in respect of the development of the Greater Norwich Local Plan. Questions are required to be submitted to the Greater Norwich Planning Policy Team Manager three working days before a Board meeting. The time allowed for questions and responses will be limited to 15 minutes in total. There is no guarantee that all questions can be answered in the given time and it will be up to the discretion of the Chair on the day as to whether the time available for questions should be extended. Questions and the responses will be minuted.

Please submit any questions to

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Greater Norwich Local Plan – Regulation 19 Publication Stage

Pre-submission Draft Plan for representations on soundness and legal compliance

The forthcoming Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) Board will consider the proposed submission draft of the Greater Norwich Local Plan Strategy and Sites document.

Please note that whilst these documents are available on our website in advance of the Board meeting, they are not yet open to public comment.  The intention is for the Plan to be considered by the Councils in January 2021 and, if approved for publication by them, it will then be published in February 2021 to allow formal representations to be made on the Plan.

We have already consulted three times on the contents of the plan.  The next stage of the plan-making process allows for comments to be made on the legal compliance and soundness of the Local Plan before submitting it to the Planning Inspector for independent examination in public.  This means:

  •  Has the plan been prepared in accordance with all legal and procedural requirements?
  •  Does the plan meet the prescribed tests of soundness?

The current timetable is for the publication draft version of the GNLP to be available for comment from 1 February – 15 March 2021.  Details of how to comment, along with definitions of legal compliance and soundness, will be provided on our website at that time.

Comments made in accordance with the above will be considered by the Councils before they decide whether to submit the Plan to the Government for independent examination.  If the Plan is submitted, the comments will also be provided to the Inspector to consider as part of their examination of the Plan.

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