The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) is being produced by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council working together with Norfolk County Council through the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP).

We aim to produce a plan which will help to meet local housing and economic growth needs, whilst also protecting and enhancing the environment. This involves a number of stages of consultation.

We are currently at stage B of the “Regulation 18” phase, the New, Revised and Small Sites consultation.  This consultation will run from 9am on Monday 29th October to 5pm on Friday 14th December 2018 and we are asking for your views on these sites. 

A new consultation is due to start on Monday 29th January 2020. Until then papers for the GNDP meeting on 6th January 2020 provide the most recent documents. Click here for details.

January to March 2018

Stage A Regulation 18 Site Proposals and Growth Options

We have already had our first consultation on more than 600 sites suggested to us by developers and landowners called “Site Proposals”.  This was accompanied by a “Growth Options” consultation on strategic policies to guide how and where different kinds of development might be distributed over the whole area.

A feedback report on the Growth Option consultation (the “Draft Statement of Consultation”) is available here.

More information on the first stage of consultation, including all comments made on sites, is available here.

29 October to 14 December 2018

Stage B Regulation 18 New, Revised and Small Sites Consultation 

The current consultation covers newly submitted sites, revisions to some of the sites already consulted on in January and small sites. Altogether, this comes to more than 200 sites. We need to get views on these sites to help us draw up our draft plan.

Except for the sites we have been asked to revise, we are not consulting again on the sites we asked for your views on in January. However, if a new site changes your opinion on a site we have already consulted on, please let us know.

The consultation runs from 9am on 29th October to 5pm on 14th December, 2018.

Click here to get more information and have your say on the new, small and revised sites.

January 2020 (TBC)

Stage C Regulation 18 Draft Plan Consultation 

The draft plan consultation will include the preferred planning strategy for the area to 2036 and the preferred sites we intend to allocate to achieve that strategy. Comments made through the draft plan consultation will help us to make any changes needed to the strategy and the list of preferred sites.

The aim is to then publish the final version of the plan (the Regulation 19 pre-submission plan) for  a further round of consultation in early 2020 before submitting it to the Secretary of State for examination. Comments made at that stage will be considered through the formal examination process including public hearings in early 2021. The plan is expected to be adopted in late 2021.

To ensure the timely progress of the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP), it will not be possible for the GNLP team to assess new or revised sites or settlement boundary extension proposals submitted after 31st December 2018. This does not apply to proposals for the redevelopment of brownfield sites in urban areas which Government policy requires us to support.

If you wish to promote a new or revised greenfield site or settlement boundary extension after 31st December 2018, you should submit representations to this effect in response to the GNLP Regulation 18 draft plan consultation. The draft plan consultation is scheduled to take place during January 2020. Once confirmed the final consultation dates will be published on the GNLP website. Please note, the onus will be on those submitting sites in response to the draft plan consultation to provide clear evidence, including sustainability appraisal that demonstrates why their site should be preferred to the site(s) within the draft strategy.