What can I comment on, and how can I comment?

This Regulation 18 consultation on the Draft Strategy shows what the final local plan could look like, as well as including preferred site proposals for where development could occur in the Draft Sites Plan. Views are welcome on all aspects of the local plan, from its objectives and the high-level policies, through to details of particular sites proposed for development and the evidence base supporting its development.

To give as many people as possible the chance to comment we will be doing the following as part of our consultation:

  • All those on the GNLP database will be invited to respond, as well as parish and town councils.
  • Posters will be sent to parish and town councils and will also be displayed in libraries and at key locations.
  • Newspapers will be used to advertise the consultation.
  • Social media will be used.
  • All consultation information will be available at district council offices, County Hall, and at libraries.
  • Limited and selected printed materials will be available on request in cases where it is impractical for them to be accessed online (email us at gnlp@norfolk.gov.uk or phone us on 01603 306603).
  • There will be a number of exhibitions held at key locations across the area, and planning officers will be available during office hours to respond to any phone or email queries relating to the consultation.

Visit one of our many roadshows to have your say at: 

  • Acle Community Centre, 6 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Aylsham Town Hall, 11 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Costessey Centre, 13 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Chedgrave, Brian Clark Meeting Room, 17 February, 2 to 8 pm
  • Cringleford Willow Centre, 4 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Diss, The Corn Hall, 3 March, 2 to 8pm
  • Harleston Library, 28 February, 2 to 6.30pm
  • Hingham, Lincoln Hall, 25 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Horsford Village Hall, 4 March, 2 to 8pm
  • Norwich, The Forum, 26 February and 5 March, 2 to 8pm
  • Sprowston, Diamond Centre, 19 February, 2 to 8pm
  • Taverham Village Hall, 21 February, 2 to 8pm
  • North Wymondham Community Centre, 14 Feb, 2 to 8pm

The quickest and easiest way of responding to this consultation is online at ‘Have Your Say’ on this website. 

Have Your Say

The consultation comprises of:

  • A Draft Strategy explaining the challenges we face, objectives, and strategic policies.
  • A Sites Plan that contains details of all the preferred sites for future development (excluding South Norfolk villages that will be allocated through the South Norfolk Villages Clusters Housing Sites Allocation Document).
  • Booklets that explain why certain sites were preferred over others.
  • Various evidence documents (such as the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment).

Once comments have been checked and verified they will be available online (with respondents’ names) for others to see.

Any representations which contain offensive comments will be removed from the consultation site. Whilst we will include names on our website, we will remove personal contact details such as addresses, telephone numbers, emails and signatures before publishing.

If you wish to comment but feel you have a strong reason for your name to be withheld from publication, you can contact your district councillor who will put forward your comments as appropriate.

Please note that where you submit your views in writing to your local district councillor, this is described as “lobbying” and the local member will be obliged to pass these on. The local district councillor will be required to provide your details to the GNLP where they will be stored for their records.

Please note, however, that if you subsequently wish to comment as part of the formal Regulation 19 (Final Draft) stage of the Greater Norwich Local Plan comments must be attributable for the public examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

See our Privacy notice for information on how we manage your personal information. 

If you have any further questions about the ways to comment, or if you need access to the consultation documentation in an alternative format or language, please email us at gnlp@norfolk.gov.uk or phone us on 01603 306603.