Why do we need more housing?

More people move into the Greater Norwich area than move out. Additionally, people are living longer, there is a tendency for households to get smaller and young people are finding it increasingly difficult to establish their own home; so even if there were no population growth there is a need for more housing. If the housing that is needed is not planned for, the supply of homes will not meet demand and upward pressure on house prices and rents will make it even more difficult for people to get a home.

Housing is also linked to how the local economy performs. If there are not enough homes, businesses will suffer from a shortage of customers and employees. Therefore, a housing shortage could stop companies expanding and prevent new businesses from setting up.

Without a clear and detailed local plan to manage growth there is also a greater risk that housing developments will be allowed in unplanned and less suitable locations. Without an up to date local plan in place, national planning policy favours allowing development, potentially in locations that would not otherwise be preferred.