What will be the impact on the countryside?

Concentrating development on ‘brownfield’ sites is a priority, with 27% of new homes in the draft plan on brownfield sites, but not all new development can be accommodated on previously used land. This is the reality of planning for enough jobs and homes, but nevertheless, development can be planned so that it minimises impact on countryside landscapes. The local plan can do this by choosing development sites next to existing development, and not in remote open countryside. The local plan will also take care to avoid development on sites that are home to protected plants and wildlife.

It is also important that people have access to open green space. Residential development will be required to make appropriate provision for this. For example, as part of large-scale development proposals new country parks are proposed at Beeston and at Rackheath. Smaller developments will also be expected to contribute to overall provision of ‘green infrastructure’. Collectively, such projects will provide new wildlife habitat, open spaces for people to visit, or landscaping to improve countryside views.