What are the growth options?

The distribution of development in the plan tends to focus more growth higher up the hierarchy maximising the use of brownfield land and providing for urban extensions close to existing jobs, services and infrastructure. Within that general approach several alternative approaches can be identified for the distribution of development. The consultation in early 2018 on Growth Options identified six reasonable alternatives:

  • Option 1 - Concentration close to Norwich
  • Option 2 – Transport corridors
  • Option 3 – Supporting the Cambridge to Norwich Tech Corridor
  • Option 4 - Dispersal
  • Option 5 – Dispersal plus New Settlement
  • Option 6 – Dispersal plus Urban Growth

The preferred option in this plan combines concentration of most of the development in and around Norwich and on the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, with an element of dispersal to villages to support thriving rural communities. Detailed variations on this option may be reasonable, but overall it is considered that this approach provides the best balance across the range of objectives of the plan.