My local area has some allocations from the last local plan – does this mean we’ve had our share?

Planned development that is yet to be built is taken into account, but it does not necessarily mean your neighbourhood, town, or village is excluded from new allocations. The purpose of writing a local plan is to establish what land is needed for development and to choose the best possible sites. Sometimes that may mean extending an existing allocation or choosing an additional or different location. Part of that judgement is looking at what has been recently built (known as completions) and anticipating what will get built (planning permissions and allocations).

For residential development, recent completions together with existing commitments (meaning land with an allocation or planning permission) totals around 33,500 homes. Nearly 3,000 homes were built in 2018/19 which contributes to meeting the need from 2018 to 2038. For jobs and employment, large areas of land are safeguarded. Amongst the major examples that should provide many jobs in the future are Norwich Research Park (NRP), and Broadland Business Park. This consultation contains detailed proposals for sites to allocate for development. Maps are available that show new site allocation proposals together with existing allocations that have been carried forward.