The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) is being produced by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council working together with Norfolk County Council through the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP).  The GNLP Regulation 18 consultation ran from 8th January to 22nd March 2018.  More information on the consultation can be found on the have your say page.

The GNLP team have produced a high level feedback report on the consultation which is published on

What can I comment on, and how can I comment?

The GNLP can only succeed if the views of the public, developers, services and infrastructure providers are understood.

There are questions throughout the Growth Options consultation document about the main content of the plan, including the Vision and Objectives, Strategy and Topic Policies, which we want your views on. There is also a general ‘other issues’ question (question 66) if you would like to comment on something which doesn’t have a question linked to it.

To make your comments on the Growth Options consultation document, please go online here to answer the question or questions you are interested in. Some issues likely to be of general interest are:

  • Vision and Objectives - see question 1
  • Housing and jobs numbers – see questions 3 to 6
  • Infrastructure – see question 7
  • Growth Options – see questions 9 to 11
  • New Settlements – see question 12
  • Green Belt – see question 13
  • The Settlement Hierarchy – see questions 23 to 25
  • Norwich centred policy area – see question 26
  • The Sites - see below
  • Topic Policies covering a wide variety issues such as The Economy, Transport, Design, Housing, Climate Change, Environment Issues and Communities – see section 6

The quickest and easiest way of responding to the consultation is online. Please follow the links on this site 1.

You can also comment on the sites which have been submitted to the plan online. To find out more, go to the Have your say page and follow the instructions for the Site Proposals consultation document. This will provide you with a map of each site. To help you make your comments:

  1. The Site Proposals consultation document has a summary of the sites for each parish.
  2. And the HELAA in our evidence base has more detailed summaries for each submitted site.

You can also follow the links from here to comment on the Interim Sustainability Appraisal and supporting documents in the evidence base.

Once comments have been checked and verified they will be available online (with respondents’ names) for others to see 2

If you have any further questions about the ways to comment or if you need the consultation document in large print, audio, Braille, alternative format or a different language you can email us at or phone us on 01603 306603.