The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) is being produced by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council working together with Norfolk County Council through the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP).  The GNLP Regulation 18 consultation ran from 8th January to 22nd March 2018.  More information on the consultation can be found on the have your say page.

The GNLP team have produced a high level feedback report on the consultation which is published on

Why did you choose six growth options?

We have produced a range of options to cover various ways to distribute new housing and jobs, but there is inevitably some overlap between them. It is possible that we will choose one of these options, or maybe a combination of two or more. We are particularly keen to hear your comments on the options, to help us consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. The GNLP will ensure new homes and jobs are located nearby and are supported by the services, facilities and infrastructure needed.